Fueled by dreams and an undeniably passionate imagination, Midnight Notion is a hard-hitting, head-banging, genre-bending riff-rock artist from Minnesota’s Twin Cities, and possibly the loudest one-man-band around.

With a backlog of about 100 unreleased original songs, and an ever-expanding list of covers, multi-instrumentalist and avid hobby collector Bryce Kalal has produced more content on his own than many indie bands will in their career. Aside from playing drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, and singing, he is also a writer, actor, director, stage manager, improvisor, videographer, editor, web designer, sketch artist, producer, and more.

Now, almost 10 years after Midnight Notion’s inception, Bryce has returned to the studio for his third release: Somewhere in Dreamworld – Coming Summer, 2018!

The Somewhere in Dreamworld Podcast

Everyone has dreams. Whether we remember them or not, what happens in our minds is often bizarre and illogical, but sometimes it can have an enormous impact on our waking lives. The Somewhere in Dreamworld Podcast is the podcast about all things dreams—both waking and sleeping. As host, Bryce Kalal discusses the wonder of the subconscious mind, and shares the stories behind each one he and the listeners can recall.


To submit a dream…
Call: (612) 643-0944
Email: podcast@midnightnotion.com


Episode 10: Listener Dreams


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Vocal Recording – Day 3

Sometimes you record harmonies for a song on your new record, and sometimes you turn into an alien robot. Just another day in Dreamworld…


Midnight Notion Play-Along Tabs!

I’ve been using tablature to learn how to play my favorite songs since I was 14. Now you can use tablature to learn how to play your favorite Midnight Notion songs!


Vocal Recording – Day 1

After several months of setbacks and a handful of technical difficulties, I've finally had my first vocal recording session for Somewhere in Dreamworld, and now I can't talk anymore.


Oncoming Productions Ruins Christmas

It's the holiday season! Snow is on the ground, houses are decorated with lights, cupboards are fully stocked with hot cocoa, and Krampus is right around the corner, ready to murder you!