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Oncoming Productions Ruins Christmas

It's the holiday season! Snow is on the ground, houses are decorated with lights, cupboards are fully stocked with hot cocoa, and Krampus is right around the corner, ready to murder you!
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It Has Begun!

The March to Midnight EP came out in October 2013. Four years later, Midnight Notion is in the studio again, and this time…THE DREAM WILL COME TRUE!
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Episode 10: Listener Dreams

What do the Backstreet Boys, Disney, Sigourney Weaver, Broken Jaws, and The Grand Canyon all have in common? They're all things people dream about, apparently. The long-awaited listener dreams only episode is finally here, and it's just as strange as we like it!
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Episode 9: Drunken Riddles and Dementors

Fellow Fire Tiger Pam Mazzone stops in with a dream that is basically just a re-enactment of Clue…sort of…and then she wins $0 for correctly guessing that The Scream was NOT painted by Van Gogh (it was Edvard Munch).
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Episode 8: How Cody Killed Santa

It can be very stressful to jump into the working world when you're fresh out of college. Instead, why not try saving Santa, then accidentally killing him?
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Midnight Notion is a hard-hitting, head-banging riff-rock artist from the Twin Cities, MN, and possibly the loudest one-man-band around. Fueled by his rich imagination, multi-instrumentalist Bryce Kalal writes, performs, records, and produces each infectious hook himself.

Born of a single mother, Bryce has experienced the hardships of life in a broken family since Day 1. Often left home alone, he would keep himself occupied by way of pencil and paper. Over the years, his drawings became writings, and those writings became lyrics. By 9th Grade, he had saved up enough money for his first drum kit, and his first guitar came only months later. He poured every ounce of his free time into teaching himself how to play, dreaming of someday playing a sold-out stadium show.

The local independent music scene in the mid-2000s brought many performance opportunities for Bryce, but each time a new band would find their groove, the band would fall apart. Frustrated by always having to start over, he decided to focus his time and energy on a new project: his own.

In 2008, with nearly 100 unreleased original songs, and his first home studio setup, Bryce started from the beginning with The Archives: 1–10. Released on Christmas Day, The Archives brought to life the first ten songs he had ever written. 2013’s March to Midnight delivered the hit “I Feel Bad For You,” which has received radio airplay on 93X’s Loud & Local. In 2017, he turned to video with a short run of bi-weekly cover song music videos, and started The Somewhere in Dreamworld Podcast.

Now, the itch has returned, the record button has been armed, and the next original Midnight Notion release is just around the corner!


March to Midnight EP
March to Midnight (EP)
The Archives: 1–10
The Archives: 1–10 (Project Demo)

The Somewhere in Dreamworld Podcast

Everyone has dreams. Whether we remember them or not, what happens in our minds is often bizarre and illogical, but sometimes it can have an enormous impact on our waking lives. The Somewhere in Dreamworld Podcast is the podcast about all things dreams—both waking and sleeping. As host, Bryce Kalal discusses the wonder of the subconscious mind, and shares the stories behind each one he and the listeners can recall.

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Episode 10: Listener Dreams

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