The March to Midnight EP came out in October 2013. Four years later, Midnight Notion is in the studio again, and this time…THE DREAM WILL COME TRUE!

Last night, I pressed record on what is now, officially, the first attempt at the final version of the Somewhere in Dreamworld LP. I’ve been talking about this record for over 10 years, so the time has come: I’m bringing Somewhere in Dreamworld into reality.

Many of the problems I’ve had with prior attempts at this record were because I’ve been doing everything myself—and I tend to be a very dangerous combination of perfectionistic and indecisive. I have troubles finishing things because I’m always learning something new that I want to incorporate, or rewriting something, or rerecording something. So in order to counter those bad habits, I’ve hired a producer: Wally Joseph of Pacific Underground Recordings, and lead singer/guitarist for one of my favorite local bands, Skywind.

Wally is a great guy, and I’m really excited to work with him! He’s produced a lot of big names in the Twin Cities scene, and his band has been a major influence on some of the songs on this album! Even though I’ll still be doing a majority of the tracking in my home studio, he will be producing my vocal sessions, and mixing the record as well. It’s a breath of fresh air to have a professional pushing me along, so I can just focus on being an artist again. And since I’ve only been listening to a demo version of the entire album for the last couple years, I’ve long since forgotten how wonderful it is to hear these songs in their full glory. It’s incredible, and I’m beyond excited for you to hear them!

There is no official release date planned just yet, but I can finally say that Somewhere in Dreamworld will be available in 2018.

Check out the recording sessions from the first time I made an attempt at this record, over 10 years ago:

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