I’ve been using tablature to learn how to play my favorite songs since I was 14. Now you can use tablature to learn how to play your favorite Midnight Notion songs!

I’ve used many different websites for finding tabs, but in the last few years, my go-to destination has been Songsterr.com. They have a huge collection of songs to choose from, but what sets them apart from other sites is that they come with rhythm. Yes, you can press play to actually hear the tab played out, and play along with them!

The biggest issue for most tab sites is that anyone can upload a tab, so there are a lot of incorrect tabs. With Songsterr, you can tell if it’s wrong right away, because you’ll most likely hear the mistakes on playback. Luckily, the tabs I’ve found there have been pretty accurate, so I haven’t had much issue learning my favorite songs.

Anyway, I’ve decided to join in on the fun! As of today, there are 5 Midnight Notion songs on Songsterr.com, available for drums, bass, guitars, and keys: “March to Midnight,” “I Feel Bad For You,” “Poisonous Love,” “Turning Point (Fire in Your Eyes),” and “It’s Over.” I will personally vouch for their accuracy, because I tabbed them out myself. Any changes that don’t match the recordings are because I’m an artist, and I’m allowed to update my own songs.

So there you have it! Learn my songs as you see fit! Feel free to record your own versions, or film your covers and put them on YouTube! Play them live at your shows! Do what you will with this, just make sure you credit Midnight Notion when you do so! And, as always, keep your eyes and ears peeled for more!

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