When you’ve been singing a song the same way for 12 years, changing the words isn’t exactly easy.

“Last Breath” was written somewhere around November of 2005, and I’ve been singing it the same way ever since. Sure, I haven’t ever played it live, and I’ve only recorded it a few times—you may be wondering: how many times have I actually sung this song?

The secret is that I play my own songs A LOT. The answer is A LOT.

After some careful consideration, Wally and I decided to change a line in the chorus from “we just got stranded…” to “we were stranded…,” because “just got” doesn’t sound quite as pleasant as the new version. The meaning remains, and it seems like a simple change, but 12 years of habits don’t go away so quickly…

Check out this video to see how horrible I am at remembering new words to old songs:

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