March to Midnight (EP)
March to Midnight

Released: 10-13-2013

Midnight Notion’s hard rock debut release, March to Midnight, opens with power, then seamlessly flows from song to song until the final fade out leaves you begging for more.

Track List:

  1. March to Midnight
  2. I Feel Bad For You
  3. Poisonous Love
  4. Turning Point (Fire in Your Eyes)
  5. A Far Fall Away From All
  6. My Little Demon
  7. It’s Over

The Archives: 1–10 (Project Demo)

The Archives: 1–10

Released: 12-25-2008

What started as an experiment to revive some “old” songs soon became the first installment of a project album series called “The Archives.”

Track List:

  1. When the World Falls Apart
  2. Novacaine
  3. False Hope
  4. 7 Nights
  5. Roses
  6. The Love Song
  7. Girl of My Dreams
  8. Slipping Away
  9. Karen
  10. Loser