March to Midnight (EP)

Released: 10-13-2013

Midnight Notion’s hard rock debut release, March to Midnight, opens with power, then seamlessly flows from song to song until the final fade out leaves you begging for more. No single track sounds like another, yet solo artist Bryce Kalal displays a clear, definable style to his multi-instrumentalism. From head-banging power metal to dance rock to the soothing piano instrumental, March to Midnight delivers an eclectic array of musicianship suitable for music lovers of all types.


  1. March to Midnight
  2. I Feel Bad For You
  3. Poisonous Love
  4. Turning Point (Fire in Your Eyes)
  5. A Far Fall Away From All
  6. My Little Demon
  7. It’s Over

Album Notes:

Midnight Notion is:
Bryce Kalal – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keys, MIDI

“At the time of this release, I am a solo artist ‘marching’ my way toward my dream band, Midnight Notion. I’ve poured blood, sweat, tears, lots of money, and over 2 years’ time into this release—now it’s time to take my music to the next level! Your support means the world to me in this journey, so thank you SO much for your contributions! Enjoy!” —BK

Produced, Engineered, & Edited by Bryce Kalal
Mixed & Mastered by Adam Krinsky
Recorded at Kalal Productions, Lakeville, MN from December 2012 to August 2013
Mixed at Bellows Studio, St. Paul, MN

Cover Art by Bryce Kalal

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 7 written & performed by Bryce Kalal
© 2013 CD Baby Alpha Music (ASCAP)
℗© 2013 Midnight Notion – All Rights Reserved

*Track 6 written by Lindsey Buckingham
Originally performed by Fleetwood Mac
© 1997 Kobalt Songs Music Publishing (ASCAP)
℗ 2013 Midnight Notion


  • This record was intended to be a demo called The Band Quest Demo. It was meant to include 4 demo versions of songs from the long overdue Somewhere in Dreamworld LP, plus one brand new instrumental called “March to Midnight” as the intro. When “It’s Over” and “I Feel Bad For You” were written, Bryce decided to ditch the Dreamworld songs in favor of the new material. “Turning Point (Fire in Your Eyes)” and “Poisonous Love” had been written a few years prior, but were fresh enough that they deserved a release.
  • Bryce typically plays an 18″ crash cymbal on the left, and a 16″ crash cymbal on the right side of his drum kit, but the 16″ crash was cracked for the entirety of the recording, and eventually broke apart. Most of the crash hits on this record favor the 18″ crash because of that, but every so often, you can hear the wimpy kssh! of the broken cymbal.
  • “A Far Fall Away From All” was written by accident, while trying to figure out the piano part for “Turning Point (Fire in Your Eyes)”.
  • “My Little Demon” was added to change the track count from 6 to 7, because 7 is Bryce’s favorite number, and 6 “feels unlucky.”
  • The album art contains several “box people” walking. Though there are only 6 on the cover, there are 7 unique box people shapes—one for each track. When you unfold the digipak all the way, they walk across three panels.
  • The box people are based on the lyrics to “I Feel Bad For You”, because they are robotic in nature; “walking in line,” and doing “the lemming life.” But they are boxes, specifically, because of all the cardboard boxes in the print shop environment that inspired the same song.


Watch the making of March to Midnight: